2-in-1 Ionic Hair And Beard Straightening Hot Brush

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Our 2-in-1 Ionic Hair and Beard Straightening Hot Brush can tame even the tightest curls and the toughest frizz. The ceramic technology of our ionic brush allows even heat dispersion that leaves your hair sleek, silky, and smooth! Each bristle is surrounded by a tourmaline heated plate that easily straightens your hair with just a few short strokes of the brush. Negative ions eliminate frizz and leave hair with a healthy sheen.

Suitable for men too, this ionic hot brush heats up instantly and safely uses the latest ionic heat technology to tame wayward strands. Men love our brush for smoothing and subduing bushy, wiry beards. Our brush features numerous bristles for more control and glide whilst styling.


  • Suitable for women and men (great for beards)
  • Ceramic ion charged technology combats frizz and tames hair
  • 12 adjustable digital temps up to 450°F (lower setting recommended for fragile or damaged hair)
  • 12 temperature settings for total control
  • Brush and go! No need to section hair before styling.
  • Consistent heat levels and quick temperature recovery time
  • A convenient, professional swivel cord
  • Automatic safety shut off feature
  • Anti-scald tines for safe use on short hair or beards

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