Adjustable Weighted Vest Workout

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Raise Your Training Endurance To The Next Level With Adjustable Weighted Vest

Our workout Adjustable weighted vest will raise your training endurance to the next level and build additional muscle mass. This extra-durable and high-quality training vest made of Oxford fabric is designed to stay close to the athlete's body and avoids unnecessary movement without putting too much pressure on the torso.


What's The Benefit?

Cut your training hours in half by adding extra weight to your exercises. Ideal equipment for losing weight and gaining muscle by dynamically adjusting workout intensity optimally.

  • Adjustable Weighted Vest
  • Highly Comfortable & Best Fit
  • Multifunctional Fitness
  • Custom Accessories & Front Pocket

weighted jacket


  • Made of high-density thickening oxford fabric, durable to use.
  • Fit by two adjustable Velcro straps, the chest and waist size are adjustable.
  • Extra width shoulder strap, soft cotton inside, much more comfort when ware.
  • Designed with a widening shoulder, comfortable to wear.
  • Highly flexible compressed sponge interlining, for protection and shock absorption.
  • With 12 pcs pouches for loading sand or steel plate (NOT included).
  • It is an ideal equipment for physical fitness, losing weight, and exercising agile.



Max Loading 20kg(44LB)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Oxford fabric
  • Max loading: 20kg (when loading steel plate), 10kg (when loading sand), 5kg (when loading sand pouches)
  • Length: 60cm / 23.6in
  • Width: 42cm / 16.5in
  • Weight (Empty): 600g / 1.32lb

Max Loading 50kg(110LB)

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Oxford fabric
  • Max loading: 50kg
  • Length: 60cm / 23.6in
  • Width: 42cm / 16.5in
  • Weight (Empty): 700g / 1.54lb

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