TATIK™ The all new Interactive cat training toy


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Interactive cat training toy

Sadly, Cats Aren’t Getting Enough Playtime

Are you looking for a brand new toy to entertain and strengthen up your cats? Fine! TITAK™ helps cats keep in tip-top body condition, aids in preventing obesity, helps maintain mobility, and is an outlet for working off built-up energy.


For Senior Cats

 Our new Interactive cat toy can help maintain cognitive function and assist physical mobility by movements that gently work those stiff muscles and joints.

For Kittens
 Titak™ is a learning tool for budding physical abilities such as balance, speed, coordination, accuracy, and sensory development

Adopt Magnetic Levitation Feature
The furry balls' random movements will trigger the instinct in the cat to stalk, chase, pounce, and capture. 

Fast USB Charging System & Durable Operation
Titak™ is USB rechargeable, which makes it easier to recharge its battery so fast
,anytime & anywhere, so that will keep your cats entertained along the whole day.

Non-Slip Feature
The non-slip rubber pad ensures the stability of the funny cat toy while cats play.

Low Operation Sound
TITAK has a lower sound than other electric cats' toys in the market, which causes no annoyance to the cats or their owners.

Built-in Battery
Titak interactive cat toy is equipped with a built-in 1500mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which means, you don't have to worry about making a battery replacement.

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You Are In Charge of Providing Your Cats Fun, Health & Well-Being

Cats aren’t getting enough playtime. This is due to factors such as boredom, stress, fear, no environmental enrichment, the human family’s busy schedule, and the list could go on. Cats need playtime for mental, physical, and emotional health. Too many indoor cats are becoming feline couch potatoes with the only exercise coming in the form of the walk to the food bowl and litter box.


Material: ABS
Color: white / pink
Size: 10.5 * 24cm / 4.13 * 9.44in
Package: 1x TATIK™ The all-new Interactive cat training toy.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Laverna Fadel

Super Toy. Charges from USB. Beauty. Kitten 4 months. He plays and thinks how to pull out a toy, helps himself with his second paw. Feathers fly. Sometimes I pull out a toy with a pen and put balls, mice and plays with a toy not included. Class. Thank you

Cristian McCullough

Very well packaged, fast shipping. I added croquettes for fun.

Mattie Kessler

Amazing the charge on the toy last a long time which is really good

Reynold Ortiz
Love it

Love it THANK YOU Breshops!

Maegan Ruecker

Love it thank you

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