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 Achieve Samurai-Sharp, Long-Term Sharpening Results

MADIX™ Professional Knife Sharpener It is the ultimate dream of anyone who likes to work with razor sharp knives but does not have the time or desire to learn how to sharpen with the whetstone.


We don’t compromise on quality! The MADIX™ Knife Sharpener is an all metal sharpener (except that the stones are mounted on a plastic base), so no plastic parts in this one. This automatically means a luxurious appearance and a more durable and long lasting use of the sharpener.
The cool thing about the construction of our MADIX Sharpener is that it retains all the advantages of the whetstone, but eliminates the disadvantages. 

Easy To Use
No more annoying angle changes! It's also easy to use. Clamp the sharpener to any table. Insert the desired whetstone. Fix knife. Set sharpening angle with your smartphone or protractor. Perform grinding movement. Flip. Perform grinding movement. You're Done and ready to go. 

Unique Design
Its unique design makes it capable of sharpening many different types of blades. Such as: kitchen knives, hunting knives, woodworking knives, pocket knives, planing tools, scissors and more! 

Since the kit contains different grit sizes of whetstones, worn-out blades can be re-sharpened and dull knives can achieve an incredible sharpness. The best part: you don't have to buy all these expensive whetstones and learn how to use them.

The secret lies in the ability to adjust any angle between 10 and 50 degrees for sharpening. The memory function ensures that the angle is fixed, so that everyone is able to get the most important requirement for a perfectly sharp knife - a constant angle.

The whetstone uses water for sharpening, so you do not have to buy expensive sharpening oils. This is not only cheaper but above all it does not cause any mess.

Beginners & Professionals
It is suitable for professionals, but also for beginners! With a little practice, your knives will soon be super sharp, whether you are a professional or not.


Fabrics: The premium quality knife sharpener is made of aluminum alloy. This ensures a more durable and long-lasting use of our professional knife sharpener as well as a fancy look.

4 whetstones: The MADIX sharpener comes with 4 whetstones, but the universal innovative patented abrasive holding system can use all stones up to 6".
Material: Aluminium alloy, stainless steel 
Colors: Black and silver 
Included in Kit: 
• MADIX Professional Knife Sharpener
• Simple instruction guide
• 4 high quality whetstones (grit: #120, # 320, #600, #1500) 
• Bag

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