Mosquito Net: For A Queen-Sized Bed

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A comfortable and lightweight mosquito net which will act as a shield and protect your loved ones from the bites of mosquitoes and other flies! The season of summer brings not just the bright sunny days with itself, but also countless flies and mosquitoes, always ready to attack us. Adults, children, infants are all troubled by these little creatures. An escape from their attack can be easily provided by this lightweight mosquito net that will protect you and keep you bite-free. It can be beneficial for the adventure junkies that enjoy outdoor activities like camping, trekking, and hiking, where you’re required to sleep in the open areas.

So say goodbye to troublesome nights, because this easy to carry mosquito net will keep you comfortable and ensure that you enjoy a peaceful sleep. 


  • Keeps you comfortable and bite-free
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Ideal for camping and beach
  • Prevents from mosquito and insects’ bites
  • Useful for traveling
  • Useful during adventurous sports like Trekking, Hiking, and Camping


  • Colors: White / Blue / Pink 

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