Number Counting Puzzle for Kids

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This toy is made with amazing workmanship. It can be used as an auxiliary teaching aid for Montessori-style learning.

A great teaching tool to help children learn their colors and numbers.

 Helps children learn to count
 Teaches length concepts
 According to the number of color dots, the number of circles corresponding to the number of colors is counted, thereby recognizing the color and performing simple addition and subtraction operations
 Great for introducing mathematics to your little one
 The toy is made of high-quality rubber and wood that is smooth and free from splinters. The paint and other materials are non-toxic for your child's safety

 Size: 15.5 x 10 x 40cm
 Package: PP bag package
 Color: (1) 0~5 numbers (2) new numbers + shape (3) new numbers + letters

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