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Animals Can Be Difficult To Get Rid Of Once They Establish Themselves In Your Property

 However, not any more, we've brought you the ideal solution to repel and deter nuisance, burrowing animals and pests, which will keep them away from your property. The Repstik™ Ultrasonic solar-powered Electronic animal repellent detects and repels rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, martens, moles, cats, dogs, foxes, wild boars, groundhogs, and more. The ultrasonic sound is inaudible to human and causes no harm or injuries to the animals and pets. The unwelcomed intruders find the sound unbearable which eventually drive them out of your yard. The animal Repellent emits powerful ultrasonic waves every 30 seconds that cover an area of 7000 square feet.

RepStik™ Ultrasonic solar-powered animal deterrent protects your property from intruders, such as: cats, rodents, raccoons, gophers, squirrels, moles and many burrowing animals, from digging up, ruin your garden and depositing their foul-smelling excreta.



The Repstik™ Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller protects your property from pests, rodents and burrowing animals from ruining & digging up your garden and depositing their foul-smelling excreta.


The Solar-Powered Repstik™ stakes operate with the help of high-quality cells that generate clean, strong, and uninterrupted energy which provides non-stop, 24/7 operation. When the sun goes down, Resptik™ stakes automatically turn on to charge the AAA batteries, and during day-time, they automatically switche off again. Changing the AAA batteries it's not required thanks to the CSP (Concerntrating Solar-Power) technology featured by The Repstik. When it gets to sustainability of The Resptik™ Repellers, you do not have to worry about them getting disheveled or having dead batteries. They work efficiently all year round which making it perfect for large yards and small gardens as well


The Rest assured knowing your entire lawn is protected even when it's raining, Because The Repstik™ stakes are water-proof & corrosion-proof.


Daytime and night-time, it detects and repels squirrels, martens, rabbits, foxes, wild boars, moles, groundhog, raccoons, and all of the burrowing animals' species over an area of 7000 Sq ft


The ultrasonic sound is inaudible to human and causes no harm or injuries to  human & animals. The unwelcomed intruders find the sound unbearable which eventually drives them away from your property. Since the solar cells produce clean, strong, and uninterrupted energy, it does not form any risk to the environment or humans. You can use it to get rid of pesky animals in your yard easily and safely. 


Repstik™ will make a significant difference within the first week



• Q: Can I use it to drive moles out of my garden?
A: Yes, they can get rid of moles and all the mentioned animals.

• Q: Will these work on voles?
A: Yes, it works

• Q: Will it drive my cat away? Or bother her in any way?
A: No, it won't cause any type of harm to your pets.

• Q: Does it need AAA batteries? I'm confused in the description.
A: It is powered by solar-powered rechargeable AAA batteries, which means you don't have to replace the batteries every week. You can replace them on a yearly basis.

• Q: Has anyone used this successfully for armadillos?
A: Yes, it will help you get rid of armadillos.

Q: Does these repellers keep snakes away?
A: Yes, Repstik stakes will keep snakes away.

• Q: Do I need to pick it up while I mow the grass in the garden?
A: Yes, you may wish to pick them up, because they will get into your way
while mowing.

• Q: Is it bad to use it during the winter?
A: No, you can keep them in your lawn. They're waterproof and weather-resistant.

Material: ABS plastic
Solar panel: 2V / 45mA polysilicon
Power Supply: Solar energy panel
Water-Proof: IP65
Battery: Rechargeable AAA batteries ( Not Included)
Package: 4 x Repstik™ Solar-powered Repeller Stake

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