Soft Leathered Bike Seat

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The soft leathered bike seat is designed for everyone who loves to ride. Bike riding can be exhausting and irksome if the bike seat is too hard, rigid, or badly shaped. This product is sturdy because it is resistant to wear and tear. It makes riding more fun and enjoyable than the old-styled bike seat.

It comes with water-tight tail light for improved night vision and safe cycling. This safety light has 5 pieces of ultra-bright LEDs which is powered by a battery(included as accessory) and it can function up to 36 hours.

The hollow design with air permeability prevents the thighs from rubbing against the bicycle and also eases sitting posture. The dual spring design prevents the rider from experiencing sudden shock in a bumpy ride. The multi-purpose design also allows easy ride for seat posts without the top clamp.

This bicycle seat can be used as gifts for family and friends, especially those who choose to ride for fun or as part of daily activities.


  • Soft, flexible high-density memory foam that does not hurt the buttocks
  • Water-tight tail light for a safe ride at night
  • Hollow, dual-spring design for improved shock absorption and air permeability
  • Bike seat rail clamp included for seat posts without clamps
  • Designed perfectly for everyone


  • Size: 10.6 × 8.7 inch
  • Dimension: 7/8” inside diameter
  • Accessory: 1 Pcs CR2032 battery

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