Tida B2™ New Electronic Breast Pump


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Busy moms will appreciate how quick and easy it is to use!

Tida B2 new technology helps you to make expressing breast milk as comfortable and easy as possible. This electronic breast pump uses the latest technology that makes operating it effortlessly. With anti-backflow system milk won’t flow backward or back up other parts of the pump which can create mold and bacteria so you can count on pumping the cleanest and freshest milk for your little baby.

The Tida B2™ Breast Pump is extremely quiet and supports several charging systems so you can charge it just about anywhere. A soft cushion on the pump along with 9 different suction levels allows moms to choose a level that matches the baby's feeding pattern.


Multiple Levels
The pump unit has adjustable suction power levels for various lactation requirements.

Easy & Comfortable
This portable breast pump provides a baby's natural, shaky suckers to provide a smooth and comfortable experience for mothers.

Use it on the go
The Tida B2™ quiet breast pump fits discreetly under your bra so you can pump anywhere, anytime.

• Powerful, double electric breast pump
 • Features five massage level modes and nine expression modes
• Rechargeable battery
• Portable Back flow protection
• LCD display
• USB charge port

What You Will Receive: 
• 1 double electric breast pump
• 2 breast shields/massage shields
• 2 140 mL milk collection container sets
• 2 nipples
• 2 valves & membranes
• 1 tubing
• 2 connectors & diaphragms
• 1 power adapter
• 1 cooler with
• 2 ice packs
• 1 manual breast pump attachment


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