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Portable red light flashlight: can be used for darkroom fill light beekeeping scientific research astronomical starred light source animal is not sensitive to night hunting, can be called tactical flashlight, using high-quality aluminum alloy material, durable, anti-polar Sex protection LED chips are not burned for perfect hunting and fishing!


  • LOCATE VEINS INSTANTLY: The Smart Vein Locator has a sleek black body that gives red illumination. The illuminating vein finder light helps to identify veins even in patients labeled a “Hard Stick.” Powered by 3 x AAA battery (not included).

  • EASY TO USE: Minimize The Light. A dark room will show the best results. Press the button on the bottom of the device to turn on the infrared LED. Press gently on the skin with your hand move the pressure device and slowly from side to side. Veins will appear as shadows or dark lines on the periphery of red glowing light.

  • IDEAL & BUDGET-FRIENDLY: Affordable vein finder device ideal for nurses, doctors, phlebotomists, students, adults, pediatrics, neonatal, surgical, doctors offices, phlebotomy lab

Specifications :

product size: 29*95mm
product net weight: 50g
product material: aluminum alloy
LED Specifications: 9 F5 round red LEDs
Power Specifications: 3*AAA (ie, 3 7-cell batteries, unit price not included)
Switchgear position: one file (one open and one-off)
Maximum brightness: 50LM
Lighting time: About half an hour for an ordinary battery and about two hours for an alkaline battery
Maximum range: 10-100 meters
Lens material: ABS material

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